In the midst of anxieties, God is in control.

In our the midst of our anxieties and worries the Bible calls us to remember that God is in control. You can illustrate idea that God is in control of our lives can by using an airport. When you go to an airport, things seem chaotic on the ground. Planes, vehicles and baggage all moving every which way. It seems chaotic on the ground. Imagine if you are invited up to the control tower, you could see that there is a clear plan and order. This is like us and our worries. In the midst of our anxieties life seems like chaos, but if we can shift perspective and see things from the control tower we would know that God is in control. 

The Book of Revelation

This also works as an analogy to explain John’s vision in the Book of Revelation as used by Vern Poythress:

John’s vision is a little like an experience of going to an airport control tower. At a busy airport, a casual observer looking out the windows may see only mass confusion. Planes, vehicles, and baggage are going every which way. What does it all mean? If, however, the observer is escorted up to the control tower, he sees the overall plan of the airport, he hears the crucial decisions made, and the directives go out in order to keep all the pieces carefully choreographed to execute the plans of the controllers. Suddenly, the goings-on down below make sense. So with John. Through his vision we are transported into the “control tower” for the entire universe. From this vantage point, through understanding the Controller and his plans, things fall into place. And even if they sometimes escape our comprehension, we know the One who does comprehend it all. His execution cannot and will not fail!

This is an excerpt from Porythress’ free commentary on Revelation below:


Relevant Passages:

Philippians 4:6-7

Matthew 6:25-34

Revelation 4


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