This activity is a method of Bible reading that you can use in a group setting or in one on one discipleship.

The Swedish Method involves printing out the Bible passage you are looking at and drawing 5 symbols on the passage as you read through. These symbols represent 5 questions below. Alternatively, if you don’t want to print out the passage you can draw the symbols in a notebook or journal.

Draw a question mark next to anything you found difficult to understand.

Draw a lightbulb next to anything you found illuminating. Something that stood out to you.

Draw an arrow next to something you can apply to your life. This is the personal application.

The speech bubble was not original to the Swedish Method but was added by the folks over at Desiring God. Draw a speech bubble next to something you could share with a friend.

The cross is also an addition to this method. Draw a cross next something that points you to Jesus.


Why is this called the Swedish Method? Ada Lum, an IFES worker first coined the term after using it in a Swedish student group.

This is a simple way to read the Bible with people and get them to start working through the passage in a way that makes sense. Let us know how the Swedish Method helps you!

Do you want to be a better Bible teacher?

If you want to improve your Bible teaching we have a Facebook group for creative Bible teaching.


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