How do you get your small group, who doesn’t like to read, to read the Bible?

Turn it into a game.

We’ve all been there. The question of, “Who would like to read today’s passage?” is met with blank stares and feet shuffling.

Well this is an activity I learned while at college that turns Bible reading into a competitive activity and also helps people retain the passage better. It’s called the Interrupting Game.

The rules of the Interrupting Game are as follows:
1. Someone starts reading
2. Anyone else can interrupt and take over
3. Once interrupted the original reader has to stop and let the new person take over
3. You can’t interrupt directly after being interrupted. Someone else must jump in before you can go again.

Seems kinda silly? Well it works. I’ve used this with people who hate reading, but it becomes this competitive activity. At the same time, they are really reading the passage looking for a good chance to jump in.

You can do this multiple times, depending on the length of the passage. If you’ve got a group who don’t like to read the Bible, give this a go and let me know how it goes.

What are some other ways creative you get reluctant small groups to read the Bible?

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