How do we illustrate wisdom? J. I. Packer has a beautiful analogy in Knowing God 

What does it mean for God to give us wisdom? What
kind of a gift is it?

If another transport illustration may be permitted, it is like being
taught to drive. What matters in driving is the speed and
appropriateness of your reactions to things, and the soundness of your
judgment as to what scope a situation gives you. You do not ask
yourself why the road should narrow or screw itself into a dog-leg
wiggle, just where it does, nor why that van should be parked where
it is, nor why the driver in front should hug the crown of the road so
lovingly; you simply try to see and do the right thing in the actual
situation that presents itself. The effect of divine wisdom is to enable
you and me to do just that in the actual situations of everyday life.

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