This illustration has been adapted and altered from an Evangelism Explosion resources.

Imagine I am making an Omelette. I crack the first five eggs into the pan and all is looking good. As I crack the sixth egg into the pan I realise something has gone horribly wrong. The sixth egg smells disgusting, it is rotten.

What can I do? I can’t take it out because it has already touched all the other eggs.I can’t stir it in because then the omelette will be disgusting and dangerous. I can’t add more good eggs, to cover up the rotten egg.

That’s how it is with sin. Sin affects our whole life and we can’t get rid of it, and we can’t cover it up with good deeds. Just like the omelette is unpresentable, we become unpresentable before God.That’s why he sent Jesus, to actually make us new again. Jesus died and rose again to completely remove the effects of sin and make us pure before God.


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